Video is a great tool to help showcase your skills to college coaches and can make a difference to help you stand out from other athletes they are recruiting.



College coaches have very busy lives and receive hundreds of videos, so keeping yours under 5 minutes is important. While you want to display all of your skills, don’t send along full game film unless college coaches ask for it. Include enough footage to showcase your talents while still being short enough that college coaches don’t feel overwhelmed.



Quality video will make it much easier for college coaches to evaluate your skills without any interruptions. Good quality doesn’t just mean having video that is not blurry or grainy, but also involves getting a clear shot. This includes not having nets, cages, fans, or coaches blocking the view, and making sure the shot is close enough to see what is going on. Coaches want to focus on you and your skills, so be sure there are no distractions.

On the flip side, having over-produced video with music, special effects, etc. can be just as distracting. College coaches are trying evaluate your current skill level and see if you project to the collegiate level. Simplicity is key.


Representation of your skills.

What you put in your video depends on which sport and positions you play.

For example, if you’re a pitcher, showing your delivery and what pitches you throw (e.g fastball, changup, etc.) from multiple angles helps college coaches understand abilities. If you can, include video from behind the catcher or mound to show college coaches how the ball comes out of your hand and how your pitches move.

If you’re a point guard, show college coaches how you run an offense and setup your teammates. Don’t just include clips of your jump shot or steals. College coaches want to see your body language after you commit a turnover or how you pick up your teammates they make a mistake.


Remember to make your videos a representation of who you are. College coaches are looking for the complete package and your videos should not only showcase your skills, but demonstrate your ability to develop over time and be a great teammate and leader.