1. Physical Abilities

One of the main things college coaches look for in a potential recruit is physical abilities. While there are a number of other factors that go into being a well-rounded recruit, athleticism is a significant piece of the puzzle. College coaches are looking to either add depth to their roster or replace talent that is graduating. Athletes who are versatile, meet their needs, and potentially fill multiple roles stand out to college coaches.

Making it onto a college roster typically requires being a multi-faceted athlete. If you can throw 95 MPH but don’t have a secondary pitch or can’t field your position well, chances are you won’t be as successful as you’d like at the next level. Becoming a well-rounded athlete who can help his/her team win games makes you a more desirable recruit.

  1. Leadership Skills

Having the ability to lead and be lead by others is essential if you want to make it to the next level. This doesn’t just apply to games; you must demonstrate these abilities in practice, in strength and conditioning, in studying, etc. Being someone who motivates your teammates during practice, in school, and in the community is important to creating a strong team overall. Coaches look for athletes who are able to display these characteristics throughout their life.

  1. Solid Work Ethic

Having a great attitude and work ethic is a mindset — it doesn’t require any kind of superhuman strength or athletic ability to work hard. Not only do college coaches love having athletes who choose to work hard everyday, it’s almost a prerequisite to be a collegiate athlete. Show college coaches that you are motivated and resilient.

  1. Strong Academics

While working hard on the field or court is important, it’s critical to bring this drive into the classroom. Having good grades and test scores is something that is often overlooked, but plays a big role in being a well-rounded recruit. Showing how hard you work in the classroom demonstrates to college coaches that you are not only serious about your sport, but your education and future as well.

  1. Demonstrated Interest in School/Program

College coaches are much more likely to want you on their team if you can demonstrate how much you want to be part of their program. Show them that you want to live in their city, be a part of the community, and utilize all of the facilities. Let college coaches know that you’d be proud to get your degree from their school and be an alumnus. Be proactive in showing your interest in their program.


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