Last week’s webinar focused on The 4 Ways to Jumpstart Your Recruiting on FieldLevel.

Here’s a recap of the topics we covered as well as a replay of the webinar in case you missed it.

Connect with your coach references

  • Having multiple coach references connected to your profile is very helpful.
  • You can add your head coach, assistant coaches, position-specific coaches, etc.
  • Many athletes play on their high school and club teams throughout the year.
  • We encourage you to add all of your coaches and teams.
  • If your coach isn’t on FieldLevel, you can invite them through the app.

Build a complete profile

  • Completing your profile is critical part of the recruiting process.
  • Make it easy for college coaches to fully evaluate your information.
  • Show your coaches that you’re working hard and doing your part.
  • Use the Set Up Guide we provide you to add your headshot, background info, etc.
  • Be sure to add your film and academic information (GPA, SAT/ACT). Many college coaches won’t even look at a profile if it doesn’t have video and/or academic info.

Research colleges

  • With roughly 2,000 colleges offering athletic programs in the US, do your research on which schools are the best fit for you not only athletically, but academically, socially, etc.
  • The recruiting process is all about finding opportunities and keeping an open mind.
  • FieldLevel provides a college search tool to help you research schools based on location, tuition, degrees, match strength, etc.
  • You can also filter colleges based on their athletic competition level such as NCAA DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, and Junior College.
  • Doing your research ahead of time will help your coaches know where they should focus their attention and help you get in front of college coaches.

Target Schools List

  • After doing your research, you can use your Target Schools List to stay organized and on the same page with your coaches and family members.
  • This list is not permanent and will change throughout the college recruiting process.
  • As you get in contact with colleges, go on visits, and receive offers, you can use the slide bar on your Target Schools List.
  • Only your coaches can see this list. College coaches can’t see the order of your Target Schools, only if you have their program on your list.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us as we’re eager to help!

We typically host webinars every week, so please register when you’re free. This week’s webinar will focus on 4 Ways to Tackle Recruiting on FieldLevel This Summer for 2020 football athletes and parents: