Athletes have the ability to make their profiles public. Using your athletes’ unique profile links, you can help your players get even more exposure to colleges and pro teams that aren’t on FieldLevel yet.

Webinar Replay: 3 Ways to Maximize Your Athletes’ Exposure with Public Profiles

FieldLevel hosted a webinar for coaches to review different ways to maximize their athletes’ exposure using public profiles. Some of the topics we touched upon were:

  1. Sending profiles to college coaches outside of FieldLevel the right way.
  2. Sharing profiles on social media, including pinning to your athletes’ bios + finding opportunities via Twitter.
  3. Embedding profiles on your team’s website as well as other websites. 

You can watch a recording of our webinar 3 Ways to Maximize Your Athletes’ Exposure with Public Profiles below.

Using Your Athletes’ Profiles

Athletes are in control of which areas of their profiles they would like to be public and keep private. Once made public, most areas of athletes’ profiles (except for coach evaluations and projections) can be seen outside of FieldLevel, providing both you and your players more opportunities to increase their exposure to the right colleges and pro teams.

1. Send Profile Link to College Coaches

To send your athletes’ public profiles to college coaches or pro scouts who aren’t on FieldLevel yet, simply copy their unique profile links and send them via email, text, social media, etc.

Before sending public profiles to college coaches or pro scouts, we recommend you and your athletes do the following:

  • Do a complete review of their profiles to make sure they’re complete as possible including videos, academic info, etc.
  • Check to see if your athletes have turned on their public profiles. Again, your athletes can choose to keep certain areas of their profiles private and only viewable by verified college coaches and pro scouts on FieldLevel.
  • Review their Target Schools Lists to understand which colleges they are interested in and ensure they are good, mutual fits.
  • Personalize your communication by including info about yourself, your team, the athletes, and explanations as to why your players are a good fit for their programs.

2. Utilize Social Media

Sharing or posting your athletes’ public profile links on social media is another great way to help college coaches find your athletes’ information more easily. We also recommend your athletes include their public profile links in their social media bios on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc.. This way, when college coaches are searching for information online, they can easily access more relevant athletic and academic info.

When you post your athletes’ links on social media, we recommend you personalize the post content and include relevant details about the athletes such as their years, positions, locations, GPA’s, and more. These posts are also a great place to include strategic hashtags such as #Uncommitted and #CollegeReady to get more eyes on the posts and your athletes.

Social media can also be used to find specific opportunities for your athletes. Many college coaches post open roster needs on social media, so looking through hashtags and searching for keywords like “recruiting” or “roster opening” can be valuable to both you and your athletes. If a college coach posts a roster opening on social media and your athlete is a good fit, you can either comment on the post or send that college coach a direct message with the athlete’s public profile link.

3. Add to your Website

Your team’s website is a great place to add your athletes’ public profile links. This helps college coaches who visit your team’s website to review your athletes’ information easily in one place. If you’d like to include a FieldLevel logo on your team website along with your athletes’ links, please click here.

Managing Public Profiles

How Do I Turn on Public Profiles?

If you would like your athletes to turn on their public profiles, you can send them direct messages in FieldLevel.

How Do I Manage the Information on My Athlete’s Public Profile?

Athletes can manage the information on their public profiles. If you would like your athletes to turn on all or some of the information, you can quickly send them direct messages in FieldLevel.

How Do I Share My Athlete’s Public Profile?

There are two ways to access your athletes’ public profile links. For detailed instructions, please visit our FAQ page.

For more information regarding Public Profiles, please visit How Coaches Can Use Their Athlete’s Public Profiles

If you have any further questions, the FieldLevel team is here to help and support you. If there’s anything we can do, please contact us in one of the following ways:

Phone: 888-908-7124

Email: support@fieldlevel.com

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