Having the right video is key to the recruiting process. Coaches want to learn everything they can about athletes before recruiting them and the best way to do this is by watching their videos. 

FieldLevel has spoken to multiple college football coaches about what they want to see AND what they don’t want to see in an athlete’s video.

Here are 5 things you can do to impress college coaches and have the best video possible.

1. Create a Highlight Reel

Your highlight reel is a chance to showcase your best moments as an athlete. These are the moments that will catch a coach’s eye — without highlights, getting seen is nearly impossible. Post the highlights that you do have and continue to upload new ones as time goes on.

Your highlight reel should … Your highlight reel shouldn’t … 
– Start strong and have your most impressive plays at the beginning.
– Include plays that showcase your versatility and ability to make big plays in tough situations.
– Have a title — you want coaches to know what they’ll be watching before they even click on the video.
– Include basic plays most players at your position should be able to make.
– Be choppy — don’t pause it for an extended period of time to identify yourself and don’t use distracting animations.
– Have inappropriate music in the background.

2. Have Game Video Readily Available

After watching your highlight reel, coaches will want to study your game tape to verify the talent they saw in your highlights is consistent throughout a game. This is where they will be able to see how you move, interact with your teammates, improve from game to game, and your overall attitude and leadership abilities. Even though you can’t upload a full game on FieldLevel, it is important to have it readily available in case college coaches request it from you — we recommend having at least three full game tapes at-hand.

Your game video should … Your game video shouldn’t… 
– Be readily available.
– Include accompanying notes on where your highlights occur throughout the game.
– Be as compact as possible — cut out dead periods to save time.
– Include identifying information (ie your jersey number).
– Have unnecessary edits and animations throughout.
– Be blurry or shaky.

3. Showcase your Positional Skills

Coaches might also be interested in seeing clear videos of you going through drills. These videos capture game-like situations from clear angles and help showcase your mechanics and range. Upload skill videos for each position you play.

Your skill videos should …Your skill videos shouldn’t … 
– Replicate game-like situations as much as possible.
– Feature drills that showcase your explosiveness — coaches will want to watch the way you move and change direction.
– Include any drills that are unrelated to football — they should translate into game-like situations as much as possible.

4. Feature your Athleticism

The way you play in a game always speaks the loudest, but proving your athletic ability is important in the evaluation process. Take videos that highlight your strength and athleticism, and verify specific measurements.

Your athleticism videos should …  Your athleticism videos shouldn’t …  
– Show the following drills:
*40-yard dash
*L Drill
*Shuttle/3 cone drill
*Broad jump
– Show the following strength exercises:
*Bench press
*Power clean
– Include false information — don’t inflate your numbers.

5. Record Verified Measurables

Coaches will need to verify that your physical measurements are accurate. Measurable verification usually happens during visits or at combines, but you can make it easier for coaches by verifying your measurables with video.

Your verified measurables videos should …  Your verified measurables videos shouldn’t …  
– Show footage that verifies your:
*Hand size
– Include false information — video doesn’t lie.

These 5 key things will likely impress any football coach you speak with during the recruiting process. Coaches and athletes — if you would like to learn more or share the information found in this article, you can download our worksheet below.

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