What’s your playing and coaching background?

Received scholarship offers for football out of high school. Originally committed to Clemson as a QB and Pitcher but was draft in the 1st round of the MLB draft by the Philadelphia Phillies.  Made my MLB debut 2000. Retired in 2007 and started PFA.

Which coaches have been influential in your playing and coaching careers?

Mike Alonso from Upland High School and Frank Pastore as a youth pitching coach and with the Reds.

What’s your overall coaching philosophy?

To create better people. I love sharing stories of athletes overcoming adversity to become successful while developing great character traits along the way.

What do you want college coaches to know about your program, your players, etc?

We are a breeding ground of high level kids with both great character and skill both on and off the field.

What’s the most important thing a student-athlete should focus on to put himself/herself in position to get successfully recruited by colleges?

Tireless commitment to be a great family member, student and athlete.

How has college recruiting changed with the development of technology?

Technology probably has improved since I started this sentence. We use it all and embrace it to help better understand the efficiency of an athlete and the ability to bring higher, smarter exposure to recruiting.


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