Your coaches play integral roles in helping you discover opportunities to play in college. In the beginning, the recruiting process can seem daunting and overwhelming, but a great first step is talking with your high school or club coaches. Not only will they help you get organized, but they can also introduce you to the right colleges and guide you throughout your journey.

They are a great reference.

Just like applying for jobs, having great references help you stand out from the crowd. Your high school or club coaches know your athletic and academic strengths as well as your leadership skills and character. Because your coaches see you throughout the year, college coaches trust their abilities to provide quality evaluations that are accurate and honest.

They help you find the right fit.

In addition to introducing you to college coaches, your coaches help you determine which school is best for you. Your coaches know your unique abilities and preferences when it comes to choosing the right school, so lean on them to help you research and pick the colleges where you will be the most successful. Take into account the coaching staff, roster makeup, scholarship opportunities, school setting, and what majors are offered at a school before making a decision.

They build relationships between you and college coaches.

Keeping your coaches involved during the recruiting process is beneficial in cultivating relationships between you and potential colleges. Your coaches help make introductions and set up phone calls to colleges. When you put together your list of colleges to target, review it with your coaches and see if they have relationships with any college coaches.

Your coaches are part of your support team and make the recruiting process much easier to navigate. Be sure to communicate with them constantly and ask questions. They are on your side and want to see you succeed.

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