The COVID-19 outbreak has forced changes to testing dates for both the SAT and ACT. As updates have become available, the FieldLevel team has gathered information regarding how each exam is affected.


Historically, most colleges and universities require that prospective students provide standardized test scores when applying for admission. The most commonly accepted standardized tests are the SAT and ACT.

The SAT is a 3 hour-long standardized exam that tests on Reading, Writing, and Math. The ACT is a 2 hour and 55 minute-long standardized exam that tests on Reading, English, Math, and Science.

When it comes to college recruiting, standardized test scores and GPA are important factors that college coaches review when recruiting student-athletes. Most colleges have minimum requirements for standardized test scores and GPA that can be found on their respective websites. The NCAA also has eligibility requirements for student-athletes playing at all Division levels, which can be found here.


The SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and the ACT test dates are subject to change due to the public health crisis. To find the most up-to-date information on test dates, cancellations, refunds, and rescheduling, it is best to look for information on the College Board and ACT websites. Both of these have been linked here:

See Official COVID-19 Updates From the College Board (SAT)

See Official COVID-19 Updates From the ACT

In the meantime, the College Board and Khan Academy have continued to provide free resources so that students can feel prepared for the SAT when the test is administered.


The University of California system announced on April 1, 2020 that they would be relaxing admissions requirements for current high school juniors graduating in 2021. Many other colleges have followed suit.

Current high school juniors will not be required to submit SAT or ACT test scores with their applications to UC schools. They will also be allowed to submit Pass/Fail or Credit/No Credit grades as opposed to letter grades for A-G requirements.

The UC system has made it clear that this change is only temporary. Other colleges, however, have announced that they will be exploring test-optional policies as a long-term practice. 

With that said, for each school in which you’re interested in applying, it’s imperative that you research how they are handling these changes. Since every school may be different, create a plan for yourself to ensure you meet the requirements given by each school.


Many K-12 schools across the country are operating remotely or on a hybrid schedule due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Each school district will be handling future closures in their own way based on recommendations made by their state government. Use this resource to see how your school and schools in your area have been affected.


SAT Coronavirus Updates

ACT Coronavirus Updates

University of California Admissions Requirements

School Closures Map


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